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FAQ series | How do I book?

With Christmas and New Year a distant memory, many people are starting to think about wedding plans. If that sounds like you, then you may very soon be deciding on who you’d like to take your wedding photos.

Steph White sitting holding camera. How do I book?
Steph White Photography | How do I book?

Last year I started a series of FAQs blog posts, which, as the title may suggest, aims to answer the many questions you may have when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. The series is basically an extension of my frequently asked questions section of my website, elaborating on some of the questions and answers, and hopefully helping you during your search for a photographer who will fit your wedding needs.

Sadly, I neglected to keep up to date on this series, as weddings, life and that pesky GDPR hoo-ha got in the way. Needless to say, it was a pretty poor effort on my part. But let’s put that behind us and get going with the latest frequently asked question:

How do I book you as my wedding photographer?

OK so I may be jumping the gun a little here. ‘I’ve never heard of you!’ you cry, ‘Why would I book you off the back of only reading this one little blog post and seeing a photo of your silly grinning face (which was probably taken by your husband)?’ you exclaim. All extremely good points, I agree. And I would never suggest anyone books any wedding supplier without doing some research first.

Bride and groom nighttime portrait at Weetwood Hall Leeds wedding
Steph White Photography | Weetwood Hall Leeds wedding

Do your homework

Have a look around at various photographers’ work, look online, visit wedding fayres, speak to friends etc. Get a feel for what styles you love first, what draws you to particular types of photography – is it the natural, unstaged shots you love or do you prefer something a bit more fine art or dramatic in nature? (My last FAQs blog talks a little more about my particular style of photography).

Then once you have found some photographers you like, narrow it down by looking through their websites and portfolios, check the small print of their terms and conditions (having a clear idea what you actually get for your money is crucial, my post on understanding the cost of wedding photography may be of some help) then see if they are available and see if you can meet face to face or at least a chat on the phone.

Skipping ahead now to (hopefully) the point where you’ve liked my work from afar (online) and we have met up for a coffee and cake and you still have’t been scared off Yay! So what’s next?

How to book

I often get asked when do I need to book by? To put it simply, the sooner you book the better. As a general rule I take bookings up to two years in advance. So this means I may be free for a super last minute wedding next Wednesday, but June 2020 is already half full. There is no science to it, all I would say is if you have your date set and the photographer you love is free, get ’em booked in ASAP.

There are just two things I need before I can confirm your booking:

  1. A copy of the contract signed by both people getting married
  2. 10% of your wedding package paid as a non-refundable booking fee

Once these two things have been done, you are all set. You are booked and I agree to take your date off the market. I will not accept any other bookings for your wedding date – hence why your booking fee is non-refundable, I am no longer available for anyone else to book that date.

If you want to book me during our initial meeting, that’s great. I always take along some booking forms, which include various bits including details for you to fill in about your day, contact information, information about group shots and of course the contract terms and conditions. I keep a copy of this information and I also provide you with a copy.

If you would prefer to go away and have a think, that’s fine too. I give you a copy of the booking form to take away and if you decide you’d like to book at a later date, simply fill in either online (I can provide and electronic version of the form) or return it via post.

Your booking fee can be paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque. Whichever way you decide to pay, I provide you with an invoice with the details of your payment and information of when your final balance is due.

What happens next?

I leave you alone for a while! Let you get on with your planning. However, always remember, if you have any questions you can always get in touch at any time and I will endeavour to help.

I contact you around two months ahead of your wedding date to touch base and arrange a pre-wedding catch up. If your venue is not too far, I always think its nice to try and arrange a catch up again in person (perhaps on a day that you have a meeting with your venue) to go through the running order of the day, group shots etc. Alternatively, we can always do this via the phone or Skype.

I invoice you for your remaining balance at this time too. Your remaining balance (-10% which was paid as your booking fee) is due one week ahead of your wedding.

After that – it’s your wedding!

I will leave you with this helpful infographic, of what to expect from me a your photographer which may come in handy!

Guests cheers during wedding evening do
Steph White Photography | Sun Pavilion Harrogate

More frequently asked questions

I hope that this quick guide has been of some help. Head over to my frequently asked questions page to have all your other questions about wedding photography answered. Plus keep an eye out for more blogs in the FAQs series!

If you are planning a wedding and would like to find out more about my packages, or would like to find out a bit more about my style, I’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

I am now taking bookings for 2019 and 2020. Please contact me to check if I am free for your date.

Happy wedding planning, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Steph x