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Green wedding photography

I, like most, am very conscious about my personal and my business’s impact on the environment.

Some things I have been doing for sometime, whilst other eco-friendly steps have been implemented in recent months.

So here is a run down of the steps I am taking to try and make a little difference when it comes to my photography business…

Bride and groom walk through woods at Nunsmere Hall Hotel
Steph White Photography | Nunsmere Hall wedding

Solar power

My very clever design engineer husband has been working hard developing a solar power system to charge up our laptops, phones and batteries. I use rechargeable batteries in my cameras, flashes and lights and now they are charged via our solar panel that resides on our porch. The solar system is a work in progress which we hope to launch to small businesses in the near future, but for now our prototype works pretty well!

Solar panel
The solar panel that powers my batteries

Recycled literature

I don’t tend to print many things these days. All my booking forms and client questionnaires are all online and secured within my CRM system. But the few things I do print like brochures and leaflets, going forward will be printed on recycled papers.

My packing materials and boxes are also made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Online meetings

The lockdown has made us all a bit greener in some ways hasn’t it? Less cars on the road as many people have been working from home. Whilst it’s kinda hard to shoot a wedding from home, there are options for meetings to take place from the comfort of your living room.

Initial meetings with clients will, for the time being, exclusively take place either via video or phone call. A video call is a great way to chat and get to know each other whilst reducing our carbon footprint by not driving to our meeting.

With everyone leading busy lives I will continue to offer virtual meetings as an option even after Covid times are over. They fit nicely between work and home commitments. Win win I say!

Man smiles as he sits behind a desk with computer and books on desk.
My model (hubby John) organising his Zoom meeting with Steph White Photography

Walk or use public transport

OK, maybe an odd thing to say from a wedding photographer who travels all over Yorkshire and beyond to wedding venues. And yes, I do use my car the majority of the time for weddings where I need to be in multiple locations (prep, to ceremony, to wedding reception), but actually if I can get the train or bus or even walk to your wedding I will. Particularly for city centre weddings. Quite often parking can be tricky in busy town or city centre locations so I just find it easier to hop on a train if I can!

Vegan friendly albums

The albums that I offer are made from vegan friendly materials and are produced locally in Yorkshire.

Blue fine art book on garden table with coffee
Steph White Personal Branding Photography| Fine art book

I will continue to review and hopefully make positive changes to make my business as eco-friendly as I can as there’s always room for improvement of course!