Do I need to send you a list of photographs I would like in advance?

The majority of photographs that I take are very natural and in a candid style. I document your day as it unfolds, so I do not need a list for the majority. However, there will be a selection of group, more formal type shots that you may want. I ask you to let me know your shot list for these photographs in advance. I also suggest to couples that you might want to let your guests know who you’re planning to be included in the group shots, then it’s not too much of a surprise on the day. I normally get an usher or bridesmaid on board to help me round guests up – it makes everything run a little smoother.

I include a copy of some suggested group shots in your booking form for you to fill in. I will remind you nearer the time about this of course. We normally discuss group shots at your pre-wedding consultation meeting too. During this time, we can also discuss locations of group shots. If we meet at your venue, then it’s an ideal time to have a walk through, and source these out. Sometimes a particular spot may have a fabulous backdrop, but if it’s bright sunshine, the photos just aren’t going to look great. I may suggest a shadier spot, or suggest doing a few later on in the evening when the light is better. We photographers love a bit of evening light – it really is the best! In fact, if your timetable allows it, evenings can be fabulous for some couple portraits too.

If it happens to be pouring with rain, we may need to relocate inside. Again, we can go through options during the pre-wedding consultation. 

I like to keep the group shots very light hearted too and very laid back. Please don’t judge me if I start telling really bad jokes!