What do I do if I change my venue, rearrange my date or wish to cancel the photography?

Changes to your venue or other important details must be submitted in writing to me at least 14 days before your wedding date. Changing the date of your wedding must be submitted in writing and will be honoured if I have availability. Additional fees may be incurred if planning to change your date to over one year after your original wedding date, or if you plan to travel further afield. I am happy to chat through all these options with you.

If I am not available for your new wedding date, I will attempt to hire an associate photographer to shoot on my behalf. The associate photographer will work for me and undertake all the photography on the wedding day and will pass on the images me for editing and post production.

Communications, payments, image delivery, album creation and after sales will continue though me. If sadly I am unable to assign an associate photographer for your big day, then you will have to cancel your contract and forfeit your booking fee.