Will you be able to take photographs of the ceremony? I have heard that sometimes registrars and ministers do not always allow this

I will if I can. I do suggest you check with your venue and whoever is performing your ceremony in advance what their rules are. Sometimes I am restricted on what photographs I can take. I do not tend to use any flash during ceremonies anyway, but sometimes simply the reassurance that this won’t happen is enough to allow more photographs to be taken. I’d hate for you to be disappointed to find out you cannot have photographs of the most important bit of the day of you weren’t informed of this in advance.

If the opportunity for me to meet with the person performing the ceremony in advance arises, I like to introduce myself too. It can just put them at ease that I’m not going to take over at all. I like to set off to the venue (or go downstairs if you’re getting ready at the same place) at least 15 minutes before you do in order to speak to the people running the show as it were. Of course, if I get to meet the venue staff during the pre-wedding consultation, then even better!