Fine art parent album upgrade

If you would like to upgrade your wedding package to include duplicate fine art parent albums, I am offering up to 30% off orders paid for before 19 December 2019.

Steph White Photography, fine art album
Steph White Photography | fine art album

You have a fine art album included in your wedding photography package. However, if you would like to order any extra duplicate, identical albums as a gift for family or friends, I have some great discounts available. (Some personalisation options and covers are extra).

Below are the discounts you will receive until 19 December 2019:
+1 – normally 8% off now 23%, £462 each
+2-  normally 11% off now 26%, £444 each
+3 or more- normally 15% off now 30%, £420 each
Orders must be submitted and paid for by 19 December 2019, but you have up to one year after your wedding date to choose your photos for your album.

Order extra fine art albums and I’ll amend your wedding package

To order one or more extra fine art albums, fill in the below form and I will send across your updated invoice. Details on how to pick your photos and personalisation of your album will be sent to you once your photos are ready after your wedding: