Fine art, Folio photo book
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Why I include photo books in my wedding photography packages

When you choose either my standard or deluxe wedding packages, I include a photo book in the price. I believe when it comes to photography, there is no better way to appreciate an image than in actual printed form. To pick up a book, to touch it, to have that tangible form in front of you is the ultimate keepsake of your big day.

Fine art, Folio photo book
Fine art, Folio photo book

Your digital photos will sit happily in the ‘cloud’ or on your computer’s hard drive, but seeing them in the flesh is something else. Everyone has thousands of digital images of images stored on their phones and in memory cards these days. It’s the norm. But how many of those ever get seen again after they have been taken?

A physical album maybe stored on a shelf most of the time, but it is also cherished and loved by those who own it. It is brought out at family get togethers, well thumbed by loved ones and ultimately passed down through the generations and remembered for years to come.

Could the same thing be said for digital files? Do you really want to have your wedding photos be lost to the digital cloud?

I don’t forget about your digitals though…

Talking to couples in the past, they have often been surprised that I include a book as standard, as other photographers may include a book, but it may be an extra add on. Or sometimes photographers offer an album and their time in their price, but the digital files of their images will be at an extra cost.

I like to think that I’m a little different as I offer my time, your full set of digital images and a book in my pricing.

I send you your own USB memory stick with your full set of high resolution images on and the rights to make your own prints or share with friends and family.

Not only that, I also give you access to your own password protected online gallery where you can download the high resolution images directly, forward onto your loved ones and order individual prints from too. In fact, your online gallery is where you select your favourites for your book. All you need to do is ‘favourite’ the images you want and I will get notification of your choices.

I like to think I combine the benefits of traditional print and digital files to give you best of both worlds.

Steph White Photography | Otley Parish Church wedding
Steph White Photography | Otley Parish Church wedding
Steph White Photography | Tower House Hotel wedding
Steph White Photography | Tower House Hotel wedding

A book for your budget

I believe in offering options to suite your budget, from lower priced (but still great quality!) coffee table style books, to high end, beautifully presented handmade fine art books. You pick around 60 images for a coffee table book and 100 for a fine art book.

My standard package includes a coffee table book and my deluxe package includes a Folio fine art book.

Standard, full day wedding photography (£1,000)

My standard package includes a 34 page (17 spreads) 25cm x 20cm coffee table style book. It’s quite an informal style book, but with a very high quality finish to the images.

The books feature:

  • Premium printing
  • Proline Pearl photo paper
  • Hardcover with photo printed on the front and back
  • All standard books are hand packaged by me and presented in a kraft cardboard box

Deluxe, full day wedding photography (£1,350)

My deluxe package includes an upgrade to a handmade Folio fine art book. The features of this book include:

  • Pages are approximately 0.5mm thick and have a pleasing flexible feel
  • Made using the finest quality papers and ink
  • Each double page opens flat with an almost invisible crease
  • Printing across the crease allows for unrestricted layout designs to showcase your images
  • All fine art books are hand packaged and presented in a natural cotton bag and kraft cardboard box, or upgrade to the clamshell box
  • Available in a variety of sizes, cover materials and I include personalisation on the cover as standard

Don’t fancy a book?

Of course, I completely understand if you do not wish to have a book at all in your package. We live in a digital age of course, and I know they’re not for everyone.

I am happy to offer a reduced rate of £900 for full day coverage. You get everything the standard and deluxe packages offer – just no book.

But of course you can always order a book at a later date…

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