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FAQ series | How do I book?

With Christmas and New Year a distant memory, many people are starting to think about wedding plans. If that sounds like you, then you may very soon be deciding on who you’d like to take your wedding photos.

Steph White sitting holding camera. How do I book?
Steph White Photography | How do I book?

Last year I started a series of FAQs blog posts, which, as the title may suggest, aims to answer the many questions you may have when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. The series is basically an extension of my frequently asked questions section of my website, elaborating on some of the questions and answers, and hopefully helping you during your search for a photographer who will fit your wedding needs.

Sadly, I neglected to keep up to date on this series, as weddings, life and that pesky GDPR hoo-ha got in the way. Needless to say, it was a pretty poor effort on my part. But let’s put that behind us and get going with the latest frequently asked question:

How do I book you as my wedding photographer?

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FAQs series | Understanding the cost of wedding photography


FAQs series | understanding the cost of wedding photography

Last year I put together a frequently asked questions section of my website. It does what it says on the tin to be honest, a list of wedding photography questions (and my answers) that I am most frequently asked.

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