Wedding Photography - What to expect infographic
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Wedding photography, what to expect

Wedding photography from Steph White: From booking to delivery

As a wedding photographer, I am used to the timeline of events that occur when considering and booking your photography. From initially looking at a photographer’s website and perhaps meeting and chatting to them face-to-face at a wedding fayre, to shooting your actual wedding and you receiving your photographs afterwards.

However, there are many things that happen in between that you might not be clear on, or even knew happened. Sometimes, we forget you don’t do this every day and we can, at times, be guilty of expecting our customers to get from A to D without explaining what happens at B or C.

You book your photographer, but then what? When do they need paying? How will they know what photographs I want? Will I see my photographer again before the wedding? How will my photographs be delivered to me?

Step-by-step guide

Every photographer works differently, but I thought I would create a step-by-step guide of the service you can expect from me, before, during and after your big day. Have a look at the full guide here!

Wedding Photography - What to expect infographic

To help you further, why not pop over to my Frequently Asked Questions page too, which answers pretty much everything regarding my wedding photography services.

Find out more

Of course it’s all well and good knowing about how I work but if you don’t like the photos I take or the packages I offer, then it’s all a bit pointless! Head over to my wedding gallery to get an idea of my style and find out more about package options over on my wedding packages page.

To check my availability, please drop me a message, I look forward to hearing from you.

Steph x

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