Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Family and other commitments means I will no longer be taking on as many full day wedding photography bookings going forward. My full day rate (prep until half an hour after your first dance) is £1,800 and I include a second shooter too to give you double perspective of your day.

I also offer a couple of options for shorter, micro wedding packages:

Ceremony and post wedding photos (min 2 hours) £500

Ceremony to wedding breakfast (including speeches) £900

For my shorter day packages I will arrive around 30 minutes before your ceremony start time to set up my kit and be ready for your arrival. I will capture your day in documentary style with opportunities for couples portraits and some group shots too.

How long will you stay at my wedding for?

For full day weddings, normally until around half an hour after your first dance. This way I get a nice selection of photos of everyone dancing and enjoying themselves. I then slope off and let you enjoy the rest of your evening. If you would like me to stick around a little longer – for instance if you have a band playing etc. I am happy to do that, for no extra cost.

For shorter wedding coverage I can stay until you sit down for your wedding breakfast or I can stay for speeches. 

If I want to meet you before I book, how do I arrange this?

Whilst restrictions are still in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am conducting the majority of my client meetings online or over the phone to limit the amount of people I am interacting with. A good rapport with your photographer is as important as the photographs themselves. After all, I’ll be spending all day with you! I am happy to arrange a meeting with you over Zoom or I can arrange a telephone meeting instead if more convenient.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I call it a booking fee, as once it is paid, your booking is secured. I take your date off the market and will not accept any other bookings. A non-refundable booking fee of 25% of your chosen package is required. I send you an invoice for your records, detailing ways you can pay – either bank transfer, cash or cheque.

How do I book?

You fill in and sign a booking form, which I keep on record and you get a copy of too plus full terms and conditions. Once your booking form is completed and your booking fee paid (either by bank transfer, cheque or cash), you’re all set!

After booking you will I see you again before my wedding day?

Yes, but possibly via video at the moment! I include a pre-wedding consultation in my package. I think it’s nice to chat with you again a little closer to your wedding day. We through the finer points of your day and it’s a nice time to chat through any questions you may have. I normally get in touch with you a couple of months ahead of your day to arrange a catch up.

When is my final balance due?

Your remaining balance is due one month before your wedding date. I invoice you about two months in advance so you have plenty of notice. You can pay either by bank transfer, cheque or cash – details on your invoice.

What are engagement or pre-wedding shoots?

Engagement photo shoots (or pre-wedding shoots) are photo shoots that take place in the weeks or months ahead of your wedding. It’s a nice opportunity for you to get used to being in front of the camera, and to get an idea of how you will feel on the day. It’s always nice to have a set of pro photos to compliment your wedding photos too. Some clients decide to display some of their engagement photos at their wedding or even make a guest book with some of the photos.

I don’t offer these as standard as not everyone wants one. I offer engagement shoots for an extra £200. Find out more about engagement shoots.

Do you work alone or with a second shooter?

For my full day package I include a second shooter. I can include a second shooter for my shorter day packages, please2 get in touch for a tailored quote.

Do I need to send you a list of photographs I would like in advance?

The majority of photographs that I take are very natural and in a candid style. I document your day as it unfolds, so I do not need a list for the majority. However, there will be a selection of group, more formal type shots that you may want. I ask you to let me know your shot list for these photographs in advance. I also suggest to couples that you might want to let your guests know who you’re planning to be included in the group shots, then it’s not too much of a surprise on the day. I normally get an usher or bridesmaid on board to help me round guests up – it makes everything run a little smoother.

I include a copy of some suggested group shots in your booking form for you to fill in. I will remind you nearer the time about this of course. We normally discuss group shots at your pre-wedding consultation meeting too. During this time, we can also discuss locations of group shots. If we meet at your venue, then it’s an ideal time to have a walk through, and source these out. Sometimes a particular spot may have a fabulous backdrop, but if it’s bright sunshine, the photos just aren’t going to look great. I may suggest a shadier spot, or suggest doing a few later on in the evening when the light is better. We photographers love a bit of evening light – it really is the best! In fact, if your timetable allows it, evenings can be fabulous for some couple portraits too.

If it happens to be pouring with rain, we may need to relocate inside. Again, we can go through options during the pre-wedding consultation. 

I like to keep the group shots very light hearted too and very laid back. Please don’t judge me if I start telling really bad jokes!

How long will I have to wait to receive my photographs?

I aim to get a sneak peek to you within a day or two of you wedding, this is where I share you the link to your own personalised online gallery. I also share a few on my social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc).

Once your photos are edited and ready, your online gallery will be fully updated with your complete set (with high resolution digital download option). I aim to get your photos to you as soon as possible, during busy times, this will be between six and eight weeks after your wedding.

Do you provide me with all the photographs that you take at my wedding?

No. The ones I exclude are often near duplicates of the ones you receive anyway – plus the ones where someone walks into shot at the last moment, or somebody blinks/touches their face. I highly doubt you’d like copies of these photos! My style is documentary, not too staged, not too set up so the photos you receive are all unique and tell the story of your day.

Do you include any photo books / prints in your packages?

I have a selection of printed products which you can add to your wedding photography package at any time. From fine art albums to individual prints that can be purchased via your own online gallery. Have a look at my printed products page for more information.

Can my friends and family view and buy photographs from my wedding?

Yes. I upload your edited photographs to a password protected online gallery. You can share the link to the gallery with friends and family, plus purchase individual prints directly from the gallery. Visit the pricing page for further information. Your photographs will be available online for a minimum of three months.

Can I arrange my own printing of my photographs?

Yes. I grant you licence allowing you to print and share your photographs directly from your USB memory stick.

Do I get full copyright of the photographs?

Not copyright, but you do receive a licence to make your own personal prints and share online or via email etc. As long you don’t sell them or claim you took the photographs yourself, then I’m pretty happy! If you are contacted via a third party, for example a wedding venue, supplier or a blogger, requesting to use some of your photos for their marketing, please do contact me and make me aware first. I am generally more than happy to let them do so (as long as you are of course), but they will need my permission first. Plus I would like to be credited accordingly. Similarly, if I am contacted by a third party wishing to use any photographs, I will contact you in advance and make you aware and that you’re happy for them to do so.

Do you charge extra for travel?

If your wedding and reception take place within Yorkshire, then no. For travel outside of Yorkshire, I charge an extra 55p per mile (from the Yorkshire border). If I am travelling to a far off corner of the country or abroad for your ceremony, I will have to consider accommodation and potentially other travel costs – such as flights etc. This would be worked into your quote and agreed with you before booking.

Will I need to feed you?

As a general rule, I rarely turn down food! It is up to you though. It is always lovely to be fed – it’s a long day so I do appreciate it – but if you cannot accommodate I can arrange my own grub. Just let me know in advance so I can bring a packed lunch if needs be. I don’t tend to take photographs when you are enjoying your wedding breakfast anyway – people eating tend not to be the best photos – so I normally use this time to refuel and back up photographs from the day so far.

Do you back-up your photographs?

Yes, in several ways. I back up your images to a hard drive at least once during your wedding day. As soon as I get home I do a double back-up as well. I also store a copy of your photographs in ‘the cloud’.

What do you do if you are ill and cannot shoot my wedding?

If (fingers crossed this does not happen) I become too ill or injured and I cannot shoot your wedding, I will do everything possible to book a replacement wedding photographer. If a replacement photographer cannot be found I of course would repay you in full (including the booking fee).

What do I do if I change my venue, rearrange my date or wish to cancel the photography?

Changes to your venue or other important details must be submitted in writing to me at least 14 days before your wedding date. Changing the date of your wedding must be submitted in writing and will be honoured if I have availability. Additional fees may be incurred if planning to change your date to over one year after your original wedding date, or if you plan to travel further afield. I am happy to chat through all these options with you.

If I am not available for your new wedding date, I will attempt to hire an associate photographer to shoot on my behalf. The associate photographer will work for me and undertake all the photography on the wedding day and will pass on the images me for editing and post production.

Communications, payments, image delivery, album creation and after sales will continue though me. If sadly I am unable to assign an associate photographer for your big day, then you will have to cancel your contract and forfeit your booking fee.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured including: equipment, public liability, professional indemnity, personal accident and business interruption.Insured through PolicyBee

Will you use the photographs from my wedding on your website or social media?

Potential clients will always want to see a broad range of examples of weddings that I have shot – as I am sure you do as you’re looking at my website now. Within a day or two of your wedding I normally do a little social media update with a sneak peek of some of your photos. I send you a link so you can tag yourselves/share etc. I also keep a blog of recent weddings on my website, update my gallery pages and share the links on my social media channels. Finally, I use some sample images for client meetings, advertising and to showcase my work at wedding fayres. If you did object to any particular photos being used, I am happy to review and take down any you would not liked to be used. Please talk to me in advance of your wedding if you have any concerns over image usage.

What procedures do you have in place to ensure safety in relation to Covid-19?

I want to reassure couples that I am adhering to all current rules and regulation regarding Covid-19. I will be keeping a safe distance during your wedding day and keeping the majority of pre-wedding meetings online or on the phone instead of face to face.

I will wear a face covering, wash hands regularly and carry hand sanitiser – applying regularly when hand washing is not available.

Regarding your group shots, during this time I will not be encouraging groups of more than six or mixing of different households/bubbles. I will however consider a large group shot with sufficient spacing between smaller household groups if possible with your venue.

I wish to state that I am not responsible for ensuring social distancing rules are adhered to be you or any of your gusts and other suppliers.

Will you be able to take photographs of the ceremony? I have heard that sometimes registrars and ministers do not always allow this

I will if I can. I do suggest you check with your venue and whoever is performing your ceremony in advance what their rules are. Sometimes I am restricted on what photographs I can take. I do not tend to use any flash during ceremonies anyway, but sometimes simply the reassurance that this won’t happen is enough to allow more photographs to be taken. I’d hate for you to be disappointed to find out you cannot have photographs of the most important bit of the day of you weren’t informed of this in advance.

If the opportunity for me to meet with the person performing the ceremony in advance arises, I like to introduce myself too. It can just put them at ease that I’m not going to take over at all. I like to set off to the venue (or go downstairs if you’re getting ready at the same place) at least 15 minutes before you do in order to speak to the people running the show as it were. Of course, if I get to meet the venue staff during the pre-wedding consultation, then even better!

When will you arrive for prep photographs?

If you have a full day wedding booked, I offer prep as standard. Normally this is about two hours before you need to leave, but I can be there from just after brekkie if you like or you may wish a bit more privacy and for me to get there about 40 minutes before you need to leave.

I need to leave to get to the venue around 15/20 minutes before you’re due to set off (I’m not so strict if you’re getting ready at the same place as your ceremony). This makes sure I can park my car and get sorted ahead of you arriving. I will also snap some photos of your venue and guests arriving.

If you can be ready about half an hour before you need to leave, then I can make sure I get those ‘first look’ photos.

Find out more

Find out more about my wedding packages, or you have any questions not covered here, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!